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Wilson West

1184 Wilson Ave, Toronto, Ontario M3M 1H3, Canada


Starting $594,900 Onwards


Keele & Wilson




Total Rooms


About the Property

Wilson West boasts a diverse range of thoughtfully designed suites, each tailored to the contemporary condo owner's needs. Featuring large windows that invite ample natural light, expansive 9-foot ceilings, private terraces, and balconies, these suites offer a practical open layout that's sure to delight residents. The sleek design and modern finishes within each suite harmoniously reflect the overall ambiance and aesthetic of the building.

At Wilson West, we redefine condo living by maximizing the outdoor space. While many assume that condo living means sacrificing access to lush outdoor areas, Wilson West challenges this notion. Most of our suites come equipped with spacious terraces, elevating the luxury quotient for residents beyond typical condo living expectations. The distinctive step design of the Wilson West building ensures unobstructed views and ensures your outdoor space remains uninterrupted by neighboring units. Enjoy a higher level of luxury and a connection to the outdoors that sets Wilson West apart.

Building Info

Welcome to Wilson West Condos, where your journey to a thriving and connected community begins. This 12-storey condominium is your perfect stepping stone towards a life of greater convenience and endless opportunities. Offering a wide range of suite options, from 1 to 3 bedrooms, Wilson West Condos provides the ideal platform for you to level up and move ahead in your life.

Distinguished by its contemporary architecture and design, Wilson West stands apart from the crowd, setting a new standard in the neighborhood. The juxtaposition of light and dark materials creates a striking visual contrast, making a bold statement. Step onto the stepped terraces and craft your own private outdoor oasis, basking in the open air. Meanwhile, the expansive glass windows flood your living spaces with abundant natural light, delivering a harmonious and luxurious living experience that's truly unparalleled. Welcome to the next step in your journey at Wilson West Condos.

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