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Kingside Residences By Altree

2151 Kingston Rd


Starting $450,000 Onwards


Cliffside Village




Total Rooms


About the Property

Discover a haven of solace, relaxation, and boundless joy within the embrace of your very own home. Each moment becomes extraordinary as you curate special memories in a space that truly resonates with your heart. The guiding principle of style infused with comfort takes centre stage, resulting in open-concept layouts that effortlessly blend together, creating an organic and harmonious flow throughout.

Imagine the sheer delight of waking up to the soft hues of a lakeside sunrise, as you peer out from the comfort of your own dwelling. The modern kitchen stands as a masterpiece of design, boasting a sleek linear layout that marries aesthetics with functionality. Premium appliances elevate the culinary experience, making every meal preparation a delightful endeavour. Among these features, a European-style washer and dryer discreetly fit into the layout, adding an element of convenience that complements your lifestyle.

It's the thoughtful intricacies that truly set this home apart. From the meticulous design details to the choice of premium appliances, every facet of this space is tailored to enhance your daily life. Beyond just its beauty, this home is a functional sanctuary where each corner is carefully designed to align with your needs and preferences, ensuring that every day feels like a gift, wrapped in comfort and style.

Building Info

Nestled within the ascending Cliffside Village neighborhood and overlooking the picturesque Scarborough Bluffs, Kingside Residences offers a harmonious blend of urban convenience and natural beauty. Situated right by a trail that leads directly to the water, this development promises an exceptional lifestyle that combines wellness, ease, and a retreat from the ordinary.

Kingside Residences stands as a gateway to the expanding east side of the city, with its prominent location on Kingston Road. The architectural design, masterfully crafted by Kohn Architects, harmoniously merges modern aesthetics with the inherent beauty of nature. The exterior, with its interplay of dark and light tones, complements the cliff escarpment, while the glass elevator serves as a striking centerpiece, offering unprecedented views of Cliffside Village. The architecture also ensures breathtaking views from within the building, with elegant tiers and cascading terraces that mirror the neighboring cliffs. Whether seeking solace or hosting social gatherings, the residences provide private outdoor oases that offer a fresh perspective on daily living.

Kingside Residences is a testament to the marriage of nature and design, creating spaces that rejuvenate and inspire. With its unbeatable location, architectural brilliance, and unparalleled views, it presents an unforgettable opportunity for contemporary condominium living immersed in the serene charm of Cliffside Village.

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